Living inside of Art – Los Moxaicos Tenerife



Being an Artist, everything, which looks and smells like Art jumps right to your attention! Thats how it happened, when we looked for vacation apartments online. In between all the usual pool pictures, all of a sudden, some artwork popped up. First, we thought it is some Mirador from César Manrique, a Lanzarote born Artist, who became very famous for his very unique Sculptures, Windmills and Restaurants Architecture on the Canaries.    But then, the art on those pictures look more like Antoni Gaudi, a famous Spanish Architect from Catalonia. When we finally looked at pictures of the rooms, we couldn’t resist, and booked for two nights.

We arrived in the afternoon, after we got off the fairy from El Hierro. Hours before already, the Apartment Owner called us, and write Whatsapp messages how to open the front door, and where the key for the apartment is located. How nice! Then, the next surprise was waiting for us. We discovered a nice welcome bottle of Champlain in the refrigerator. The Table was beautifully setup with plates and Wineglasses. Also two Champagne glasses where ready for the bottle in the fridge. NICE!

We had a perfect evening, and slept like a baby! Next Morning, we finally met the creator of this piece of art: Don Valentin! To make sure, we really know all the insides if Teneriffe, he brought a map, showing us while breakfast, where the best restaurants, places and site-seeing locations  are on the island. However, I guess we had only eyes for his piece of art where we stay.

Don Valentin told us

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, that when he was eighteen, his father gave him a little piece of land from his banana farm. He immediately started to build a piece of wall, where he placed different glass fragments and stones inside. The wall grew, more pieces of fragments where added. Then, he welded some metal together, framed glass rounds and squares, connected it with wires and tubes and blended sheet metals around.

People stopped, looked, shook there heads and went on, thinking there is a crazy man, creating some weird monument, he told us with a smile. Today, those people who where laughing about him are now astonished and jealous about this fantastic vacation home creation of Don Valentin. No matter, where you look online to book this place, everybody is wowed and gives the best reviews and ratings. OK, its not directly at the beach, and its not directly in the city, but hey, a couple of minutes to walk isn’t that hard. I rather stay a little aside of the main tourists highway anyways…


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